mark o'connor - celebrant

The Wedding Graft

By Mark O'Connor

... In marriage as in an apple grove, half  the grafts take.
Some wither at once, snap at the union in winter storms
Or die from delayed sap-strife.
But sometimes the nick of a side-graft takes,
The delicate cambium knits around alien tissue
Till the two inarching stems gladly grow
To a mossy triumphal arch that props a green forest,
Beloved of the birds, red with apples,
Famous for hospitality

Deep in friends...



Mark O'Connor practices as a registered marriage celebrant in Canberra, Australia, and is a strong believer in the benefits of married life.

Let Mark help you select the perfect words for your wedding -  from the best of  poetry in English down the ages.

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Mark O'Connor does not practice as a funeral celebrant, but provides the following links for information: