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Section 1---Books Published

1976---Reef Poems, University of Queensland Press.
1980---The Eating Tree, Angus & Robertson.
1982---Modern Australian Styles, James Cook University, being the 1981 Foundation for Australian Literary Studies annual lectures.
1983---Words on Paper: An Introduction to Alphabetic Theory, (linguistics) JCU Manubook (Out of Print).
1983---Fiesta of Men, Hale & Iremonger. Reprinted 1984.
1986---Poetry in Pictures: The Great Barrier Reef, Hale & Iremonger.
1986---Selected Poems, Hale & Iremonger. 2000 copies, sold out and replaced by Firestick Farming: Selected Poems 1972-1990.
1988---Two Centuries of Australian Poetry, Oxford University Press. Edited and introduced by Mark O'Connor. Published March, reprinted many times. Revised expanded edition of 300 pages, 1996. International edition commissioned but has not appeared.
1988---Poetry of the Mountains, Second Back Row Press/Megalong Books. With photos by Ian Brown.
1989---The Ship Trans-Time (a book of poems coming out of a residency as the Thomas Ramsay Science and Humanities Scholar at the Museum of Victoria) published by the Museum of Victoria.
1989---The Great Forest (poems about rainforest, with photos by Cliff and Dawn Frith), Hale & Iremonger.
1990---Firestick Farming: New and Selected Poems 1972-90, an update of Selected Poems with 50 pages of additional poems, Hale & Iremonger. Also issued as an audio-cassette in 1992.
1990---Nature of Australia, a selection designed for the international market, currently being edited by Professor Anna Rutherford for Dangaroo Press (Europe).

Books Shared with Other Poets

1977---Seven Poets (the Shell-Artlook Prize-winner).
1977---Best Poems of the Year (USA).
1984---A Package of Poems UK, National School Competition.
1983---Sotheby's International Arvon Competition Anthology.
1983---A Selection of the Prize-Winners From the Scottish National Open Poetry Competition--1972-1986.
1983---Consolidation: The Second Paperback Poets Anthology.
1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1991---Poems in all of the Mattara Annual Anthologies.

Section 2---Radio, Television and Audio-Visuals

1985---ABC TV documentary on the Barrier Reef poems Voyage on my Dreams in the series A Big Country (first broadcast 6.8.85).
1987---Poem North Head Quarantine Station was used in New South Wales National Parks video on The Quarantine Station.
1989---Poet of the North, half-hour documentary, Channell 9.
1989---A.D. Hope: Poet of Love and Mortality, 50-minute ABC Encounter program.
1989---30-minute video Naming the Parts of Australia: A Conversation Between Manning Clark and Mark O'Connor produced by Image Oz.
1990---Was the guest on SBS TV's Face the Press Program (September 1990) and on Phillip Adams's one-hour radio interview program (July 1990).
1989---Debated with Philip Toyne on the ABC TV's The 7.30 Report.
1994---Was the guest on ABC TV's The Hot Seat (March 1994).
1990---30-minute Audio-visual Poetry of the North with triple slide dissolves by John Kirk, presented at the Scott Theatre, Adelaide (29.3.90), and at South Australian English Teachers annual conference.
1991---Video Poetry to Drama shot by Jean-Pierre Voos, based on the theatre production Threads from the Works of Mark O'Connor, JCU Theatre (October 1991).
1992---Poem The Reef painted on displayboard, plus voice-overs from Fire-stick Farming cassette on loop-tape, as part of the Great Barrier Reef Aquarium Display, Townsville (from August 1992).

Programs on ABC Radio

1983---Some Poems of Mark O'Connor: The Greek Islands, a program in The Poet's Tongue series on ABC Radio (June 1983).
1983---The Words to Say It half-hour documentary and interview on the ideas behind the poems, produced by Florence Spurling.
1984---Radio essay David Williamson and the Australian Sexual Problem occupied the entire Radio Helicon program (26.3.84).
1984---A segment on the Italian poems broadcast on Radio Helicon (28.5.84).
1984---A series of seven talks titled Powers of Languagefor ABC Radio's Science Show (1984 and 1985).
1985---Radio program Poems of Mark O'Connor: The Barrier Reef in The Poet's Tongue.
1986---Long interview broadcast as The Reef God the opening program in the Insight series on ABC radio (5.2.86).


1985---A TV documentary on Queensland poems titled Voyage on my Dreams appeared in the ABC TV's A Big Country.
1992---Cassette Firestick Farming: Selected Poems read by the author with music and sound-effects, published by Hale and Iremonger.

Section 3---Short Stories

Short Stories in Magazines

1983---Short-stories The Black Cabaret, Hunting and Living, The Block, The Victim and Letter Perfect have appeared in SPAN (published in New Zealand Journal of South Pacific ACLALS).
1986---In Kunapipi (Journal of European ACLALS).
1986---In the Air New Zealand In-Flight Magazine.
1986---In Australian Short Stories Edited by Bruce Pascoe.
1986---In The Monthly Review.

Short Stories in Books

1986---The Block and Letter Perfect published in A Bundle of Yarns: Australian Short Stories, edited by Paul Cavanagh, Oxford University Press.

Section 4---Articles and Chapters by Mark O'Connor

Articles and Chapters

1972---Chapter on Dryden, Gavin Douglas, and Virgil in the book Essays in Restoration Literature, edited by Harold Love, Methuen.
1974---Some Experiments in Breeding Aquarium Fishes with Hormones by Matthew C. Dick, with research by Dick and O'Connor, published in Tropical Fish Hobbyist (July 1974).
1975---The Scholarly Case Against Spelling Reform, English in Australia, No. 32.
1975---New Spelling, Hemisphere XIX.
1977---The Great Spelling Reform 1 Rumpus in Meanjin.
1979---The Graying of the Underground, in Overland, No. 74.
1981---Evolutionary Myth in the New Nature Poetry in Meanjin No. 2.
1983---Putting the Reef into Words in Reflections.
1984---The Poetry of the Reef in Wildlife Australia.
1984---Editorial Preface on Contemporary Australian Poetry in special Australian edition of Aquarius magazine, UK.
1984---Improving Wordstar with Setup in Ausnews Vol. 2 No. 4 (December 1984).
1985---Revising Umbrian Farm in Germinal No. 2.
1985---Function Keys for Wordstar and Maintaining Address Files with Wordstar in Ausnews.
1986---The Poetry of the North: Finding Words for the Tropics in Westerly Vol. 31, No. 1.
1986---East Meets West Through Poetry: a Report on the 1986 Struga Festival by Mark O'Connor in The Canberra Times (October 1986).
1986---Australian Poetry Today in Germinal, No. 3 (November 1986).
1987---Free Verse and Traditional Verse, Dhalwa.
1987---Chapter on Poetry and Science in If Atoms Could Talk, edited by Rosaleen Love, Greenhouse Publications.
1987---Chapter on Dunk Island in Islands of Australia, edited Geoffrey Dutton, Macmillan.
1988---Speeding Up Wordstar with Key-Enhancers in Ausnews (Magazine of the Australasian Microcomputer Users Society) Vol 5, No. 4 (June 1988).
1989---Chapter The Daintree in Peter Dombrovski's book Original Earth.
1989-1991---Numerous articles on the subject of WESP in ABR, The Author, ANU Reporter.
1989---Don't Reap the Rainforest, in Sydney Morning Herald (9.12.89).
1990---Beyond the Canon: Preparing an Anthology of Australian Poetry, Australian Studies.
1990---Greening the Psyche of White Australia, in The Australian (10.2.90).
1990---The Pyramid of Literacy, in English in Australia, No. 93 (September 1990).
1991---Future Directions for a Sustainable Australia (Manifesto of Australians/Writers for an Ecologically Sustainable Population).
1991---Future Directions for a Sustainable Australia, co-authored.
1992---The Herpes Principle, in Simply Living (September 1992).
1992---Words for a Landscape (Introduction to the 1992 Tasmanian Wilderness Calendar).


1975---Review of A Late Picking, plus an article Metre in A.D. Hope's A Late Picking in Within the Hill (Special Edition of Canberra Poetry (Autumn 1975).
1983---Three review articles in Kunapipi on David Malouf, Les Murray, and on The Penguin Book of Modern Australian Verse.
1983---After the Bubble Burst--Poetry: Consolidating the 70s, review-article on Consolidations published in The Age Monthly Review, Vol. 2, No. 9 (January 1983).
1984---Private Life of a Beachcomber, three-page review-article on Michael Noonan's A Different Drummer, published in Australian Book Review (April 1984).
1986---East meets West Through Poetry: Report on the 1986 Struga Festival in The Canberra Times (September 1986).
1992---Not Biting the Bullet, in Quadrant (June 1992).

Summary ---Major articles on literature, poetry, language and conservation have appeared in numerous magazines, including The London Times's Educational Supplement (27.1.77), The London Times (15.6.80--see Section 7: Overseas Publications), Kunapipi (three articles), Hemisphere, and as my editorial introduction to the special Australian edition of the British magazine Aquarius (1984). Also, in Australia, in The Age Monthly Review, Meanjin, Wildlife Australia, Overland, Westerly, English in Australia. Chapter Aboriginal Literature Becomes a Force in Aboriginal Culture Today, Dangaroo Press (1989). Note that the anthology Two Centuries of Australian Poetry (Oxford University Press, 1988) contains an editorial preface, and 18 sub-prefaces or essays on major issues in Australian literature: e.g. The Aboriginal World, Women's Experience, Migrant Experience, The Australian Vernacular and so on.

Section 5---Articles About Mark O'Connor

Magazine Articles

1977---Biologically Accurate Poetry by Elizabeth Perkins, LiNQ magazine.
1981---The Canberra Poets: The New Australian Poetry by Kevin F. Pearson, in Poetry of the Pacific Region (CRNLE), Proceedings of the CRNLE/SPACLALS Conference.
1981---Beyond the Obvious Landscapes, review of The Eating Tree, by Elizabeth Perkins in LiNQ, Vol 10, No. 2.
1983---A Symposium: Mark O'Connor's The Fiesta of Men in LiNQ Magazine, Vol. 11, No. 2.
1983---Poetry in the Tropics: An Article on O'Connor's Poetry by Dr Trevor James in London Magazine.
1983---Ten Years of Poetry in Canberra by Alan Gould in Poetry Australia, No. 87 (April 1983).
1986---Mark O'Connor's Australian Continent, paper by John Leonard at the 1986 ASAL Conference.
1988---Selected Poems of Mark O'Connor, by Ornella Vannuci, Inter-Arts (Edinburgh) Vol 1, No. 5.
1988---Poetry of Mark O'Connor, by Michael Hulse, PN Review (UK).

Interview Articles

1984---Fiestas of Life: An Interview with Mark O'Connor by Paul Kavanagh, published in LiNQ magazine, Vol 12.
1986---Interview Nature and Poetry: with Tony Scanlon in Northern Perspective, Vol. 9, No. 2 (December 1986).
1988---Interview Science, Myth and Nature with Greg Sessions in Habitat (April 1988).
1988---Teaching Poetry: A Conversation Between Mark O'Connor and Richard Tipping edited by Ted Reilly, in the 1988 Victorian English Teachers Journal.
1990---Interview Keeping Faith with the Reader with Tony Scanlon in Prairie Schooner Magazine (USA).
1990---Interview Saving the Land With Poetry, with Paolo Totaro, Bulletin (30.1.90).
1991---Toby Jones Interviews Mark O'Connor, in NSW National Parks Magazine (Autumn 1991).

Major Press Articles

1981---Return of the Poet, Debra Jopson, National Times (8.3.81).
1981---The Tribulations of Surviving Poetically, by Stuart Sayers, The Age (9.5.81).
1983---The Politics of Language, by John McLaren, Australian Book Review (6.1.83).
1983---The Man With a Muse a Thousand Miles Long, by John Wright, The Australian (3.12.83).
1983---Fiesta of Men, by John McLaren, Australian Book Review (June 1983).
1985---Reef Poet Beat the Word Barrier, by Tracy Auburn, Sydney Morning Herald (10.8.85).
1986---Well-Travelled Poet Makes Much of Verse, by Kate Collins, The Brisbane Sunday Mail (2.3.86).
1986---Poetry in Pictures, reviewer Thalia Kingston in Victorian ATE Journal.
1987---Romanticism and the Reef, review of Poetry in Pictures: The Great Barrier Reef, by Chris Tiffin in Australian Book Review (February 1987).
1988---The Poetry in Our Science by Kathy Kizilos, The Age (25.6.88).
1988---A Poet Sets About Building a Bridge Between Science and Humanities, by Peter Fuller, The Canberra Times (5.5.88).
1988---Poet of Nature, by Kate Collins, The Sunday Mail (18.9.88).
1988---Poetry of the Mountains, by Penelope Layland, The Canberra Times (13.11.88).
1988---Mark O'Connor's Selected Poems by Michael Hulse, PN Review (UK,13,5).
1988---Mark O'Connor's Selected Poems, Ornella Vanucci, Inter Arts (UK,I,5).
1988---Science Stanzas: Muse of the Museum, by David Porter, in Good Weekend (18.3.88).
1988---Mapping the Land Afresh With Poetry, by Penelope Layland, The Canberra Times (13.11.88).
1988---User-friendly Verse at Home and Abroad, by Heather Cam, Sydney Morning Herald (10.12.88).
1989---Un Poeta Che Da Voce Ai Poeti, by Brimo Ferroni, Il Messaggero (April 1989).
1989---Verse to Inspire the Most Jaded Student, by Veronica Sen, The Canberra Times (1.7.89).
1990---Interview with Jane Sullivan, The Age.
1991---Keen Observer, by John Foulcher, The Canberra Times (16.2.91).

Section 6---Poetry Published in Magazines and General Anthologies

Poems in Anthologies---Some Recent Examples

1976---Turtles Hatching won the 1975 Farmers International Poetry Prize and was subsequently selected for the Borestone Mountain Poetry Awards Volume Best Poems of 1976 (USA).
1981-1989---Poems have appeared in each annual Mattara Anthology for nine years: Members of the Orchestra, Lines from the Horizon, Instructions for Honey Ants, Properties of the Poet, Neither Nuked Nor Crucified, An Inflection of Silence, and The International Terminal The 1988 group of poems were: The Jigsaw Woman, Bamboo, and Lorikeets 1984---Source of Lake Ochrid from Poetry magazine was chosen for the 1984 edition of Best Poems, (also called Anthology of Magazine Verse and Year Book of American Poetry).
1984---Homer's Grave, Ios, published in A Package of Poems, An Anthology from the 1983 International Schizophrenia Poetry Competition.
1985---Cuttlefish Bone and Inland Drought published in The Border Issue: Poetry in Queensland.
1985---Poem A Javanese Pieta in the book Poets for Africa.
1985---Melbourne Visit Etc. in the volume Arteries in Stone.
1986---Turtles Hatching, Fire and The Sunhunters in The New Oxford Book of Australian Verse, Edited by Murray.
1986---Five poems included in David Headon's Anthology of Territory Prose and Verse: Dinosaur, Bamboo Creek, Literacy, Crocodile Haiku, Interview, plus excerpt from Rock Painting.
1986---Wordsworth's House at Rydal published in A Selection of the Prize Winners from the Scottish National Open Poetry Competition 1972-1986, Wilfion Books.
1986-1989---A number of poems in The Bulletin's, The Australian's, and the Sydney Morning Herald's Quarterly Literary Supplements over three years.
1986---The Rainbow Serpent in The Anthology of Australian Religious Poetry, edited by Les A. Murray, Collins-Dove.
1987---Turtles Hatching in The Australian Bedside Book, edited by Geoffrey Dutton, Macmillan.
1987---Poem To Kill an Olive published in the Yugoslav Anthology of Australian Contemporary Poetry, organized by the Struga Festival Committee.
1988---Two poems, A Queenslander Remembers the Twentieth Century, and Mist, in Australian Poetry 1988, edited by Vivian Smith, Angus & Robertson.
1988---North Head Quarantine Station (full sequence), and Frigate Birds in World Literature in English, the 1988 Chelsea Anthology.
1988---Poems:Shearwaters, To Kill an Olive, Umbrian Farm, Wordsworth's House at Rydal, and The Rainbow Serpent in the FALS NQ Bicentennial Anthology, edited by Elizabeth Perkins and Robert Handicott.
1993---Poem Microchip Moggie/Feline Felon in Marmalade's Book of Cats, published by Marmalade Press, Sydney.

Summary ---Poems have appeared in numerous anthologies including: The Nelson Illustrated Treasury of Australian Verse, The Heritage of Australian Poetry, A Package of Poems (UK, Nat. Schiz. Comp. 1984), Best Poems of the Year (USA 1983), The Younger Australian Poets, Sotheby's International Arvon Competition Anthology, The Border Issue, all of the Mattara annual anthologies to date (1981 to 1991), in Consolidations: The Second Paperback Poets Anthology, Poets Australia Catalogue, Australian Voices (edited by R. Dobson), Seven Poets, Alma Ceres (international), Language and Literature (Jacaranda), The New Oxford Book of Australian Verse (1986), The Collins Dove Book of Australian Religious Verse, North of Capricorn: An Anthology of Queensland Verse, North of the Ten Commandments (NT verse), The Australian Bedside Book, Australian Poetry 1988, World Literature in English, The Penguin Book of Modern Australian Verse, and Contemporary Australian Poetry, (edited by J. Leonard, Houghton-Mifflin 1990), Sister of the Moon Exhibition (Parliament House, 1990), Heinemann Anthology of Contemporary Verse (Edited, Gray & Lehmann, 1992); Jennifer Strauss's Anthology of Australian Love Poetry, Writers at Kimbos: Rescuing Beached Mondays, 1991; On the Move: Australian Poets in Europe (Edited by Geoff Page, Butterfly Books, 1992)

Poems In Poetry Magazines

1987-1988---Poems with illustrative photos: published in the Melbourne Herald Books Page 1987/88: Bark Canoe, Under Martian Eyes, Gardiner Valley.

Summary ---All except three of the final poems from the 176 pp 1986 Selected Poems have previously appeared in Australian, European, Canadian or US magazines or annual anthologies--as have some 50 poems not included in this collection. These magazines include The Adelaide Literary Review, The Age, The Australian, Blast, The Bulletin's, The Australian's, and The Sydney Morning Herald's Quarterly Literary Supplements, The Border Issue, The Bulletin, Canberra Poetry, The Canberra Times, The Courier Mail, Habitat, Hemisphere, Germinal, Imago, Island, LiNQ, Luna, The Mattara Anthologies for 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, and 1986, Meanjin, The Monthly Review, Muse, Northern Perspective, Overland, Quadrant, Phoenix, Poetry Australia, Southerly, Sydney Morning Herald, Westerly; and among overseas magazines: Acumen, Aquarius, Best Poems of the Year (USA 1983), Chelsea, Critical Survey, Descant, Espaces (P.E.N.), Inter Arts, Journal of Oceanic Literature, Kunapipi, The Little Magazine (N.Y.), London Magazine, Nebo, NE-Europa, New Letters, Occident, Poetry (Chicago), Prairie Schooner, Quarry, Sotheby's International Arvon Competition Anthology (1983), 2Plus2, and Waves.

Section 7---Overseas Publications

Poetry Published in International Publications---Samples

1973-1984---About a dozen poems in Hemisphere. 1975---Poem Turtles Hatching won the Farmers Poetry Prize and published in Poetry Australia (December 1975). Subsequently selected for publication in the Borestone Mountain Poetry Awards volume Best Poems of 1976 (U.S.A.).
1981---Poem, The Cuttle Fish Bone, in The Little Magazine, NY. 1981-1982---Numerous poems in Kunapipi Magazine (the Journal of International ACLALS):
Volume 4, No. 2. (1982) Also in Volume 6, No. 2 (1984). And an article Vernacular and Middle Styles in Volume 3, No. 1 (1981). Poems again in Volume 4, No. 1 (1982).
1984---Poem Source of Lake Ochrid published in Poetry Magazine (USA) and subsequently anthologized in Anthology of Magazine Verse and Yearbook of American Poetry (1984).
1984---Homer's Grave, Ios, published in A Package of Poems, An Anthology from the 1983 International Schizophrenia Poetry Competition.
1985-1987---Poems regularly in 2Plus2, including The Masters, Umbrian Farm, (Fall 1985), In A Cloud, Pagoda Country, Phosphorescence. (Volume 6, October 1987).
1986---Wordsworth's House at Rydal, published in the anthology A Selection of the Prize Winners from the Scottish National Open Poetry Competition 1972-1986.
1987--Poems Skagen Forest and Letter from the Barrier Reef in Oceanic Literature magazine published Anhui University, China.
1987---Five poems in NE-Europa magazine, No. 53.
1988---Poems Wentworth Falls, Entering and Hartley Courthouse in London Magazine.
1988---Poem in Alma Ceres, the 1988 anthology of the World Organization for Poetry.
1988---Poem Dinosaur Dreamtime in Inter-Arts (journal of Commonwealth literature, published by Edinburgh University).
1988---Nine pages in Chelsea's World Literature in English anthology.
1988---Translation of Mimmor Morina's Sette Solitudini per Un Isola published in Acumen Magazine (UK), Volume 8.
1989---Six pages in special Australian edition of Prairie Schooner (USA).
1989---Poems The Beginning and Olive the sole Australian poems in PEN's Espaces international anthology.
1989---Five poems (ten pages) in the Canadian magazine Descant's special Australia-NZ edition (No. 67).
1989---Five poems in Oceanic Literature, No. 14.
1994---Several poems in the Australian special number of the UK magazine Critical Survey, edited by Professor John Barnes.

Summary ---Poems in numerous overseas/international magazines including: Acumen, Aquarius, Best Poems of the Year (USA 1983), Chelsea, Critical Survey, Descant, Espaces, Inter Arts, Journal of Oceanic Literature, Kunapipi, The Little Magazine (N.Y.), London Magazine, Nebo, NE-Europa, New Letters, Occident, Poetry (Chicago), Prairie Schooner, Quarry, Sotheby's International Arvon Competition Anthology (1983), 2Plus2, and Waves.

Short Stories Published Overseas

Summary ---Letter Perfect and The Black Cabaret, winner of the Commonwealth Short Story Prize, published in Kunapipi, (Journal of Europman A.C.L.A.L.S.) 1979 and 1980. Hunting and Living, winner of South Pacific Short Story Prize, published in Span (Journal of the South Pacific Association for Commonwealth Language and Literature Studies = SPACLALS) in No. 16 (17.10.83), New Zealand. Letter Perfect published also in the Air New Zealand In-Flight Magazine (1981).

Articles Published Overseas

1974---Some Experiments in Breeding Aquarium Fishes with Hormones, with Matthew Dick of the Australian National University, TFH, USA, (July 1974).
1977---On Literacy, in London Times Educational Supplement (27.1.77).
1980---Boeotian and Loyolan Art, in Kunapipi, No. 1, 1979, review-article on Les Murray's Ethnic Radio; with reply by Murray in No. 2, and rejoinder by O'Connor in Vol. 2, No. 1.
1980---The Notion of Wasteland (winner in 1980 of The London Times's 500-pound sterling Kenneth Allsop Memorial Prize for an article on conservation. Published as Why We Need Our Wildlife in The Times (15.6.80).
1981---Vernacular and Middle Styles in Australian Poetry, in Kunapipi (journal of the European Branch of ACLALS) III, No. 1.
1982---Australian Poetry Since the 50s, in Kunapipi.
1983---Australian Poetry Today (editorial introduction to Aquarius, 15-16).

Reviews and Interviews Published Overseas

1988---Mark O'Connor's Selected Poems by Michael Hulse, PN Review, (UK,13,5).
1988---Mark O'Connor's Selected Poems, Ornella Vanucci, in Inter Arts, (UK,I,5).
1989---Keeping Faith with the Reader, interview with Tony Scanlon in Prairie Schooner Magazine (USA).

Publications in Non-English-Speaking Countries

1986---Article East Meets West by Mark O'Connor in Belgrade describing Ginsberg's award of the Golden Wreath at Struga, in The Canberra Times Wednesday Magazine, September 1986.
1987---Groups of poems published in the multilingual European magazines 2PLus2, (Phosphorescence, Pagoda, and Cloud, 1987) and NE-Europa, No. 53.
1987---Nuclear Fantasy in the Grose Valley quoted in full (in their own Russian translation) in an article by Ekaterina Sheveleva and Sergei Bobkov in the Russian Literature Gazette, p. 15, Moscow, 18.11.87.
1988---Poem The Beginning translated into Danish by Kirsten Holst Petersen and published in the Aarhus Daily Times (Skiftstide), (September 1988).
1988---Poem To Kill an Olive in the Macedonian-language anthology Australian Poetry--Australitska Poesia 1988, edited by Thomas Shapcott.
1988---English translation of Mimmo Morina's 7 Solitudini per un Isola publised in Acumen (October 1988, UK).

Activities in Non-English-Speaking Countries

1977-1980---Spent 4 years in Europe on a Marten Bequest Scholarship.
1978, 1979, 1986---Invited Reader at the Struga International Poetry Festival.
1979---Invited performer at Karolyi Festival in Vence, France (September 1979).
1979-1987---Numerous seminars, conferences and University visits in other countries --see Section 9: Festivals etc.
1986---Seminar at Ca' Foscari University, Venice (6.10.86).
1986---Guest-speaker at the Venice Circolo-Italo-Britannico (6.10.86).
1988---The Sun Hunters, a ballet by Dance North based on O'Connor's Queensland poems, was taken on a Bicentennially-funded tour of South East Asia.
1989---Officially invited by Secretariat of World Organization for Poets to represent Australia at their 1989 Conference in Egypt.
1989---Writer-in-residence (China-Australia Exchange) at East China University in Shanghai (from September 1989).
1990---Visited Russia as part of Department of Foreign Affairs cultural program (July 1990).

Translations Into Other Languages

Mr Cha Guo Sheng of Fudan University is translating Poetry of the Mountains into Chinese, and Dr Paolo Totaro is translating it into Italian. A few poems have been translated into Macedonian.

Section 8---Plays, Ballet, Dance, and Exhibitions


1970-1976---Numerous review scripts.
1973---Overture workshopped by Australian Playrights' Conference, and shown at Nimrod Theatre in Sydney.
1974---A group of short plays dealing with an overpopulated future world: Tube, Reft, Cranberry Sauce, and Dillion were workshopped and shown by The Melbourne Theatre Company.

Summary ---I have till recently largely abandoned drama to concentrate on poetry. However, the Theatre Restaurant piece PHOCH: Parliament House on Capital Hill, 1991 (co-authored with Neil Fredericks) ran for some months in Canberra in 1981. A video Poetry to Drama currently under preparation, is based on the theatre production Threads from the works of Mark O'Connor, directed by Jean-Pierre Voos at JCU Theatre, November 1991.

Ballet and Dance

1988---Ballet The Sunhunters based on my poem of the same name, was Dance North's bicentennial offering. It was performed in Brisbane, in Canberra, at the Seymour Centre in Sydney, and at other venues in Australia in December and January 1988, and then taken on a Bicentennially-funded tour of South East Asia.
1990---Sister of the Moon Exhibition--poems with Peter Adsett's paintings was shown at the William Mora Galleries in Melbourne April-May 1990, then moved to Parliament House Canberra, opened by the Minister for Environment and Arts, Ros Kelly (7.8.90). Two of the Paintings, which incorporate lines of poetry, hang in the ACF foyer. Cassette Sister of the Moon with music by Christie Cooney released August 1990.
1992---Poem The Reef painted on displayboard, plus voice-overs from Fire-stick Farming cassette on loop-tape, as part of the Great Barrier Reef Aquarium Display (August 1992).

Section 9---Festivals, Conferences and Public Talks

1978, 1979, 1984---Conference papers on Australian Literature at the Universities of Turin, Stirling, Aarhus, at the International ACLALS Conference in Malta in 1978, the 1984 Macquarie SPACLALS Conference, at the UNSW Writers and Academics Conference in 1988; also gave talks and readings at the Universities of Hull, Turin, PNG, Sussex and Stirling, and at the 1979 Karolyi Festival in Vence.
1982---In August 1981 gave the Foundation for Australian Literary Studies Annual Lectures at James Cook University. (Subsequently published as Modern Australian Styles, 1982).
1983, 1985, 1987---A paid guest at all three National Word Festivals in Canberra; four times at the Warana Writers' Week; and at Sydney Writers Week 1989.
1983---Public Talk on Poetry and Literature Today at Ballarat Fine Art Gallery.
1985---Guest speaker at the Wildlife Preservation Society of Northern Queensland (November 1985).
1985---Invited guest at the Festival of Perth.
1986---Invited and gave readings at the 1986 Commonwealth Literature Festival in Edinburgh.
1986---Reading to the Italo-Brittanic Circle, Venice (6.10.86).
1986---Was an invited guest at the Universities of Pisa, Venice, Edinburgh, Stirling, North London Polytechnic, Centre for Australian Studies (University of London), Oxford University, Welsh Polytechnic, Bolton CAE, and Hull University. Was unable to take up invitations to the Universities of Florence and Rome.
1986---With Stephanie Dowrick provided the Queensland Library Week Seminar on the topic Why Do We Write? Why Do We Read? Reading at the 1986 ASAL Conference in Townsville.
1987---Australian National Word Festival (7-9 March), spoke in opening session on The Literature of Place.
1987---Guest speaker at the Victorian Fellowship of Australian Writers Xmas meeting on Writing About Australian Landscapes (subsequently published in their Bulletin, January 1988). Also guest-speaker at their 27.8.84 meeting.
1987---Two talks to the Victorian Fellowship of Australian Writers, at November 1987 Annual General Meeting.
1987---Warana Writers Week --took part in two-person session with Peter Porter, and also in a writers' workshop with Fay Zwicky. Also in public readings.
1988---Guest of honour at annual prize-giving ceremony for Sunraysia Branch of Victorian Fellowship of Australian Writers (20.11.88) in Mildura, Victoria.
1988---One day workshop The Secrets of Writing and Publishing Poetry by Mark O'Connor at Museum of Queensland for the Queensland Fellowship of Australian Writers (8.4.88).
1988---Sent to Australian Literature conference in Denmark.
1988---Warana Writers Week, Brisbane 1988. Chaired session on The Writer as Traveller, and took part in two-person session with Michael Noonan, on The Gentle Art of Beachcombing.
1988---Was sent from Australia to take part in an Australian literature component of the Aarhus Festival in Denmark (September 1-7) and to speak at the opening of a Barrier Reef exhibition.
1989, 1990---Gave the closing plenary address for the Australian Association of Teachers of English Conference. Previously guest of the 1987 and 1988 Conferences and of the 1987 English Teachers' Association of New South Wales Annual Conference, and of the 1985 and 1987 ETANT Conferences.
1989, 1991---Talks for the State Library of NSW. Also a poetry workshop for the Library Society, July 1991.
1989---Meet the Writer session with the University of NSW Writers Group (19.4.89).
1989---Attended the International Poetry Festivals at Struga in 1978, 1979, and 1986. Invited but unable to attend the World Congress of Poets in Egypt in 1989.
1989---Guest lecture to first and second year students at National Institute of the Arts (circa 28.5.89) on The Other Kind of Writer.
1989---New College Seminar on Population and Environment for University of NSW professors and senior staff by senior resident fellow Mark O'Connor (25.5.89) at New College.
1989---Paper Poetry as a Key to Australian Studies given at the Association for Australian Studies annual conference Australian Society--into the 1990s (31.3.89).
1989---Talk at Sydney Writers Week.
1989---Talk for the People on Print series of the Writers and Readers programme, State Library of NSW (3.6.89).
1989---Workshop Contemporary Styles, Contemporary Themes at the Re-Wording 89 conference at Macquarie University (13.8.89).
1990---Guest Speaker at the South Australian English Teachers Association annual conference.
1990---Sent to Russia (Vladivostok conference) by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
1990---Talk on Australia's Population at the National Press Club, Canberra to RAIPA (25.6.90).
1991---ASAL Conference Paper The Poetry of Place.
1991---Represented Australia at the World Conference of Poets in Crete, and served as Rapporteur of the environment committee.
1994---NSW State Library Workshop Series, Poetry Writing Workshop (12.3.94).

Recent Conference Papers

1992---The Writer's Responsibility and Secrets of Environmental Writing, School Librarians Conference, Cairns, Queensland ( June 1992).
1992---Environmentalism in Australia. San Diego FAIR Conference (May 1992).
1992---(Mis)Conceptions of Australia's Carrying Capacity, in Outside Images of Australia: How Others See Us Conference of the Australian Studies Association, Perth.
1992---Future Directions for a Sustainable Australia, 1992 AESP conference Australia Overpopulated?, ANU.
1992---An Overview of Recent Enquiries on Population and Environment, in Bureau of Immigration Research Conference, Sydney (November 1992).
1992---Paper on population policy at the annual conference of the Australasian Society for Human Biology.

Section 10---Positions Held

1973-1975---An editor of Canberra Poetry.
1974-1975---Vice-President of the ACT Fellowship of Australian Writers.
1976-1984---Australian Society of Authors (Regional Vice-President/ACT Representative, 1976 and 1981, and Member of Central Management Committee, 1976, 1981 and 1983-84).
1976-1984---Member of the Australian Conservation Foundation, Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland, Victorian Fellowship of Australian Writers, and Queensland Fellowship of Australian Writers.
1986-1987---A judge of the Northern Territory Literary Competition.
1989---Co-convenor of Writers for an Ecologically Sustainable Population.
1990-current---Vice-President of Australians for an Ecologically Sustainable Population.

Summary of Australian Literary Experience ---I have served four years on the management committee of the Australian Society of Authors; and have given conference papers and readings at numerous Australian universities and conferences, including the 1983, 1985 and 1987 Word Festivals, the 1982 Warana Commonwealth Writers Week, four Warana Writers Weeks, the 1987 and 1988 AATE Conferences, the 1984 Macquarie SPACLALS conference, the 1985 Festival of Perth, and (with Stephanie Dowrick), the 1986 Queensland Library Week Seminar; also Plenary Guest speaker for the concluding session of the Australian National English Teachers Conference in 1989 and 1990.

Section 11---Courses Taught

1962-1965---A part-time teacher at Taylors College, Melbourne.
1966---Resident Tutor, St Thomas Moore's College.
1966---Tutor in English, University of Western Australia.
1967-1968---Tutor in English Literature at Australian National University.
1968-1972---Tutor, Burton Hall at Australian National University.
1973-1976---Tutor, Garran Hall at Australian National University.
1979---Taught semester courses on Australian Literature in the 70s and Australian Poetry at the University of Aarhus in Denmark.
1981---Lecturer in Creative Verse Writing at the Canberra Centre for Continuing Education, ANU.
1981---Tutor in Professional Writing at the Canberra College of Advanced Education.
1982---Tutor in English, James Cook University.
1984, 1985 and 1992--Instructor in Creative Writing at McGregor Summer School.
1985---Instructor in Creative Writing Workshop weekend for Writers in Townsville, and for Darwin Institute of Technology.
1986---Seminars at University of Hull, of Venice, of London, and North London Polytechnic.
1986-1999---School Visits: As part of various residencies I have visited and spoken to classes at some 110 high schools.
1987---Seminars at Monash and Darwin campuses, workshop at AATE Conference, and for ETANT in Darwin.
1988---Writers Workshop, State Library of Queensland Theatrette (15.10.88).
1988---Writers' Workshop run for Logan City Library, (13.10.88).
1989---At Eltham College, offered a Teacher Development Course: Conversations Among Australian Poets: an Update on Contemporary Australian Poetry, as part of a short residency.
1992---Instructor in SLAQ Creative Writing Workshop, Cairns, Queensland.
1992---Tutor in Creative Writing at the McGregor Summer School (DDIAE).

Section 12---Poetry Readings and Performances

1980---Brief poetry reading trip across the USA (October-November 1980).
1980---Represented Australia at the Poets Corner Readings in Westminister Abbey (September 1980).
1981---Brief visit to New Zealand in December 1981 as prize-winner in the Air New Zealand Short Story Competition.
1982---Three-poet reading-session with Alan Curnow and A.D. Hope at the 1982 Commonwealth Writers Week in Brisbane, Queensland.
1982-1983---Readings in Cairns Public Library.
1984---Ballarat and Queens Anglican Grammar School, Ballarat, and public reading at the Ballarat Gallery (8.3.84).
1984---Talks and readings at all Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane Universities and at James Cook University and the Universities of Newcastle and Riverina CAE and Canberra CAE.
1986---One month's poetry reading tour of Britain for the National Poetry Society.
1986---Readings at Oxford University, Australian Studies Institute (London), Hull, and Venice.
1986-1987---Two Readings at Harold Park, Sydney.
1986-1988---Invited guest and gave reading at the 1986 ASAL Conference. A reading at The Cloister cafe, Newcastle, organized by Australia Council and Christopher P 1988---Participated in anti-nuclear reading with Bruce Dawe, Geoff Page and others at National Library of Australia (10.11.88).
1988---Public reading of Poets in the Sculpture Garden--Australian National Gallery (19.3.88) --reading with Dobson, Brissenden, Page and others.
1988---Reading at Miettas in Melbourne (9.6.88).
1988---Several readings during residency at Queensland State Library (September-October 1988).
1988-1992---Numerous readings at Australian Defence Force Academy, some of which were video-taped.
1989---Guest Reading NSW State Library in People on Print series.
1990---Reading with Chris Wallace-Crabbe at Rowden White Library (26.4.90).
1994---Poets Union Reading at the Gallery Cafe, Sydney (2.3.94).

Summary of Overseas Performances ---I have given paid readings at numerous overseas universities including Hull, Turin, London, Edinburgh, Stirling, Aarhus, Pisa, Georgetown, Malta, Venice; and readings or presentations at numerous major conferences, including the 1978 ACLALS conference in Malta, the 1978, 1979 and 1986 Struga International Poetry Festivals, and the 1980 Westminister Abbey Poetry Readings. In October-November 1986 I did a one-month poetry reading tour of Britain organized by the British National Poetry Society. In 1988 sent to the Australian Literature conference in Denmark. In 1990 sent to Russia (Vladivostok conference) by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. In 1990-1991 was overseas writer-in-residence (the Australia-China Bilateral Exchange) at East China University in Shanghai. In September 1991 sent by Australia Council to represent Australia at the World Conference of Poets in Crete. More recently there have been cultural visits to India, China and the UK.

Section 13---Australian and Overseas Awards and Prizes

Australian Awards and Prizes

1961---Matriculated in Melbourne with six First Class honours, winning a Commonwealth Scholarship, a Senior Government Scholarship, a Gowrie Bursary, the 1961 Consolidated Zinc Scholarship (declined), a CRB Scholarship, a Newman Resident Scholarship, Dux of Xavier College, the Julia Flynn Prize for English, and the Latin Exhibition.
1965---Graduated Bachelor of Arts in English and Classics from Melbourne University with First Class Honours, First Place, the Douglas Howard Exhibition, and the Shakespeare Scholarship. (Subsequently taught at University of West Australia and Australian National University until becoming a writer in 1972).
1972---The NUS Drama Prize.
1977-1978---The Marten Bequest Fellowship for poetry.
1979---The Shell-Artlook $1,250 prize for poetry.
1981---The John Shaw Neilson Poetry Prize.
1982---Canning Literary Award.
1983---Tom Collins Poetry Prize.
1985---The Charles Thatcher Prize.
1987---Sir Thomas Ramsay Science and Humanities Fellowship at the Museum of Victoria.
1988----$1,000 Prize in the ABC's Grace Perry Competition

Overseas Awards and Prizes

1973---First poems appeared in magazines. Won the Poetry Australia/Farmers International Biennial Poetry Prize.
1975---The Farmers Prize again, for Turtle Hatching. (Subsequently selected for publication in the anthology Best Poems of 1976, Borestone, USA).
1979---The British Commonwealth Short Story Prize (500- pounds sterling) for The Black Cabaret.
1980---The London Times's 500-pounds sterling Kenneth Allsop Memorial Prize for prose.
1983---The SPACLALS Short Story Prize for Hunting and Living.


1973---Commonwealth Literature Fund half-year Fellowship.
1974---Literature Board Young Writers one-year Fellowship.
1977---Literature Board Special Purpose Grant.
1983---Literature Board half-year Fellowship.
1984---Literature Board half-year Fellowship.
1984---NSW National Parks Writing Fellowship.
1985---NSW National Parks Writing Fellowship (again).
1986---Literature Board General Writing Grant.
1989---Literature Board Senior Fellowship.
1990---$3,000 grant from ACT ADB to produce lyrics with musician Judith Clingan, now completed as The Canberra Song Cycle.

1991-1992---NSW National Parks Foundation grant ($30,000) to work on poems about the High Country.

Section 14---Writer-in-Residences and Miscellaneous

1983---James Cook University, and a second residency at Riverina CAE.
1984---Park Writers Fellowship with New South Wales National Parks.
1984---Tutor in Creative Writing at the McGregor Summer School.
1985---Mini-residency at Griffith University in second semester.
1985---Second Park Writers Fellowship; nine-week campus residency at Darwin Institute of Technology; Writer-in-the-Community Residency with Townsville City Council.
1986---Three-day mini-residency at the University of Venice.
1987---One-month poetry reading tour of Britain.
1987---With Stephanie Dowrick, provided the Queensland Library Week Seminar on the topic Why Do We Write? Why Do We Read? (8.2.87).
1987---One-week mini-residency at Monash University; the Victorian Museum's 1987 Science and Humanities Fellowship involving one year's residency at the Museum; July to October 9 week repeat residency at Darwin Institute of Technology.
1988---Completion of Thomas Ramsay Residency.
1988---Residency at the State Library of Queensland.
1989---Residency at University of NSW from April for 9 weeks.
1990---Residency at South Australian College of Advanced Education.
1990-1991---Overseas residency at the Australian Studies Centre, East China University, Shanghai, China.
1992---Residency at Monash College Gippsland.
(Many of the above were jointly funded by the Australian Literature Board.)

Section 15---Manuscript Holdings

Summary---Manuscripts have been purchased by: the Australian National Library; and the Australian Defence Forces Academy Library; wordprocessor (Osborne 1) and manuscripts purchased by the Powerhouse Museum; manuscript of book The Grub in the Wood of Time, four copies elaborately bound by designer-binders John Tonkin and Sun Evrard--purchased (at $4000 each) by: Biblioteque Nationale de France, and Rare Books Collection Queensland State Library.

Section 16---Patents

Mark is the holder of Australian Provisional Patent No. PP9604 for an improved wordprocessing system.

Note that many of these lists have been updated only to about 1992